I am honoured to send this message to the souvenir published to mark the 7th Cavalry Supercrossbeing to be held on 02 July 2017. I am gratified to be at the helm in this occasion and be satisfied with theexciting outcome. The successful conduct of the 6th Cavalry Supercross in 2016 displayed the strength ofthe Armour to accept challenges and to produce outstanding results. Thus, as the Colonel Commandantof the Armoured Corps, I take this opportunity to extend my good wishes to everyone who contributed toits success. The commitment of the cavalrymen too should be mentioned since their impetus does playa vital role in the entire process.

It has come a long way becoming a popular racing event amongst competitors and Motor Sportsenthusiast, and the successful conduct of past Cavalry Supercross events displayed the organizing abilityof the Armour to achieve desired goals. The publicity it received during the past is sure to enhance itspopularity and be a source of strength to the Armoured Corps to fulfil its obligations towards its warheroes. I have no doubt that the organizing committee, SLARDAR officials, the sponsors, the drivers/ridersand ardent motor sports enthusiasts will make this event a grand success. I am certain this will facilitateto uplift the standards of motor racing in Sri Lanka in the years to come.

I as the senior most officer serving in Sri Lanka Armoured corps obliged to ensure and emphasizethe importance of Cavalry Supercross. It is held annually to generate funds to help the families of fallenwar heroes, improve facilities to all differently able soldiers and promote welfare facilities for the servingsoldiers. In addition, it will make the Regiment financially strong to face future challenges.

My sincere gratitude and congratulations also extend to the Centre Commandant, all members ofthe Organizing committee, Chairman organizing committee, Brigadier IndunilRansinghe who contributedwith exemplary leadership to showcase the professionalism and advanced organizational strength of theArmoured Corps, the sponsors and well wishes for their generous assistance to the successful conductof the Cavalry Supercross this year. I wholeheartedly thank for the generosity meted out by the PrincipalSponsor and other sponsors who contributed immensely to the successful conduct of the CavalrySupercross 2017 and wish all of them good luck in their future endeavours.

Finally, I would like to extend my sincere appriciation to SLARDAR, the Sri Lanka Army, fellowcavalrymen and all others for their commitment and untiring effort to make this event a great success. Iwish all drivers and riders a memorable and a very exciting Cavalry Supercross -2017.


Major General
Colonel Commandant, Sri Lanka Armoured Corps