It is indeed an honour to pen a message of felicitation for the souvenir published concurrently with the Eighth Cavalry Supercross. In my capacity as the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Cavalry Supercross - 2018, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the participants as well as the eager spectators who spend their much valued time to enjoy the Supercross with a sense of pleasure for having the hearts of motor sports enthusiasts. I am glad and proud to announce that the previous years’ organizing experience has given me and the main body of organizers of the event to seek new avenues to make this event more colourful and challenging for the participants than the previous years’ events. Therefore, Cavalry Supercross - 2018 is organized with a vision to make this event the best of its kind in Sri Lanka in the years to come.

Cavalry Supercross has the potential and will take centre stage in the motor sporting calendar in due course without doubt; for such a success many aspects have influenced. The blessing of the Colonel Commandant and the Council of the Corps has given the event right direction from the inception, and presently we all can very clearly see its benefits. It is very pleased to note that SLARDAR officials, all the reputed sponsors, well-wishers and media personnel have already joined hands with us to be part of this worthy cause. I am pretty sure that all the Drivers / Riders and ardent motor sports enthusiasts will certainly aid making this event a great success. All such contributions, participations and attendance give us tremendous strength and encouragement for the success of our endeavour.

This event gives not only a very delightful and electrifying experience to all motor sports enthusiasts, but it also fulfils a very noble service to uplift the standards and facilities of the Corps. This event also facilitates all competitors - both drivers and riders to demonstrate their expertise at the stunning Cavalry Supercross motordrome in Kurunegala which has been constructed as per the international standards, giving due consideration to the environment and safety of competitors/ spectators. Particularly, Kurunegala being a motor sports fancy city we expect as in the past, spectators would gather with enthusiasm to witness the thrilling action of Cavalry Supercross that could be viewed from any one point in the track. Our endeavours and efforts are to maintain and keep open the Cavalry Motordrome for motor sports enthusiasts of Kurunegala and give the opportunity to all who want to make use of the track. I must mention here that our track is becoming popular among all racing drivers and riders for many reasons. During the last ten months the track has been extensively used for twenty days by 17 Drivers and 53 Riders. Not only that the standard and design of the track have been commended by some international racing Champions.

I take this opportunity to express my appreciation to Colonel Commandant for all valuable guidance and encouragement given to make the event a success. I also extend my sincere thanks to Chief Filed Engineer, Commander - Engineer Brigade, Centre Commandant, Commander - Armoured Brigade, Commandant - Armoured Corps Training Centre and all Commanding Officers of the Corps for taking keen interest to make the Cavalry Supercross - 2018 a brilliant success. In the same note, I extend my gratitude to Officers and Other Ranks of Iron Side Camp for taking the lead role in shaping and maintaining the Motordrome. I also thank all the supporting elements for their commitment. It is my duty to mention the generosity of the sponsors, well-wishers and media personnel whose contribution helped us reach the desired goals.

I am very much sure that the excitement and thrill of past Cavalry Supercross events will certainly be an encouraging sign for all the competitors to be at the start line, I wish them good luck and gritty racing. Finally, I congratulate the competitors of all events for their keen sportsmanship and eagerness to entertain thousands of motor sports enthusiasts who will cherish the memory of Cavalry Supercross -2018.


Major General
Chairman Organizing Committee