It is indeed an honour and a privilege to send this message to the souvenir published to mark the Cavalry Supercross - 2018 which will be held on 08 July 2018 at Pangolla Camp, Kurunegala. This event is organized by the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps as an annual event since 2011.

The progress made and recognition gained by the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps in conducting the Cavalry Supercross to-date is commendable. The Cavalry Motordrome with its picturesque surrounding and high standard of conducting races have placed the event in a very important position in the motorsports calendar. The commitment and dedication imparted by all Cavalrymen, have been a vital impetus for the progression and the popularity of the event. It is certain that the Cavalry Supercross will reach greater heights in the coming years as a more attractive and highly competitive motorsports event in Kurunegala area.

In present context, the Cavalry Supercross has become a novel approach to further strengthen the military-civil relationship, whilst generating strong foundation and progressive impact over the economic aids. Kurunegala being a city of motorsports lovers, has extensively embraced this event with great enthusiasm. I am confident that the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps with its expertise to organize events meticulously with precision, will ensure that the spectators are provided with more than the expected degree of entertainment.

The importance of this event in financial terms is considerable and all funds generated from these ventures would be utilized to assist the families of fallen war heroes, improve facilities to all disable and provide facilities to serving soldiers.

I, as the Commander of the Sri Lanka Army take this opportunity to extend my sincere appreciation to all the Officials of SLADAR and all the sponsors who contributed willingly to the successful conduct of the Cavalry Supercross - 2018. Further, I specially admire unwavering determination and dedication of All Ranks of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps to make this event a reality.

May all drivers and riders have strength and courage to compete for excellence at Cavalry Supercross - 2018.


Lieutenant General
Commander of the Army